Exploring Ephesus DVD Review!


Over a decade ago, FishFlix.com was birthed by Turkish Christian, Dr. Enis Sakirgil while producing the Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches.  Dr. Sakirgil started selling other films alongside his initial release and thus this company was born.


"Fishflix.com exists "to glorify God through amazing customer service, quality Christian content, creating honorable jobs and expanding the Kind of God in Turkey through our partnership with radio ministry." - Founder Dr. Enis Sakirgil


That heart definitely comes through on the DVD release, Exploring Ephesus!


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In Exploring Ephesus, the focus is to show western Christians the wealth of biblical history within Turkey - which ironically is one of the nations least reached with the gospel!




Initially I watched this video alone.  I knew it was more than "just entertainment" and I wanted to absorb as much as I could prior to watching with the family.  When one thinks of visiting the land of the Bible, Israel always comes to mind.  But, it's actually Turkey that is the focus of much of the New Testament outside of the Gospel!  Namely, the journeys and missionary trips of Paul.  One thing is for certain, my preconceived ideas of Turkey were totally changed upon viewing this documentary!


This incredible tour begins with Dr. Andy Jackson and Biblical Turkey author, Dr. Mark Wilson, on the banks of the Bay on the Aegean Sea...biblical Smyrna!


The first stop is the remains of the temple of Artemis.  Here are the ruins of one of the 7 wonders.  A brief history is given with what the priests would have done and what the temple might have looked like.


On to Ephesus!


The viewer is treated to views of the Roman Aqueduct and Magnesian Gate.  Though we were a bit taken aback with the presence of modern day turnstiles near the ruins of Upper Ephesus, the views of Civic Agrippa were spectacular!


Outside the Library of Celsus,  Jewish markings on the outer stones are displayed.  It was a good reminder that that the first Christians were Jewish and THEN became Christians during Pentecost.  Acts 16 comes alive and is referenced where Paul preaches the gospel in the Great Theater of Ephesus and the Port of Troas.


There's much cultural information shared during the film.  A chronicling of Paul's probable day is given in fitting with a typical day of an Ephesian - as tradesman and messenger of the Lord was especially interesting.


And then we get to my favorite part of this extraordinary, educational tour.  The Island of Patmos where John was exiled and wrote the Book of Revelation!  This barren, 13 mile in diameter island sits 75 miles southwest of Ephesus,  and is surprisingly open to tourists! The Church of the Apocalypse and other points around the island are highlighted.


Additionally,  St. John's Basilica and John's grave are visited.  Bonus features include commentaries on the Book of Ephesians, 7 Churches and Lessons for Today.


Final thoughts about Exploring Ephesus


There's a LOT of information and incredible footage contained in just 60 minutes of running time.  In fact, I'm surprised it's ONLY 60 minutes long.  This incredible tour could go on and on.  This video presentation really made you feel that you are a part of the action.  I for one would love to visit Turkey and see these sights first hand!


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