Apologia Physical Science Module 10 Labs

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Welcome back!  In this post, we are working on the labs from Apologia Physical Science Module 10 - Newton's Laws


Experiment 10.1 (part 2) Two Experiments Demonstrating Newton's First Law

Skipping over part 1, we moved on to part 2.  Using a hard-boiled and raw egg, we spin each and note the differences.  When they are stopped, we also note the differences.


Apologia General Science Labs Module 10 - 1


Hmmm....the raw egg is most peculiar.  Inertia may have something to do with it!


Experiment 10.2 - An Experiment to See How Well You Understand Newton's First Law

For this experiment we will make a prediction about the outcome of the experiment.  (If you really understand Newton's First Law, you will correctly predict the result).

After cutting out a quarter of the pie plate, predict the path of the marble as it is rolled along the pan's walls....

lab 1

And, our marble behaved as predicted!


lab 2

Apologia Physical Science Module 10 Labs  - Newton's Laws


Experiment 10.3 - Friction

In this experiment we look at how friction is present any time one surface meets another surface.


On an elevated piece of unsanded wood, an ice cube, eraser, rock and Lego piece are placed.


Apologia General Science Labs Module 10 - 12 Apologia 12


The slant of the board is increased..... .


Apologia General Science Labs Module 10 - 13 Apologia 13


When the area with the eraser and Lego are sanded and the experiment is retried, the frictional force holding them is decreased and they finally start to slide!


Apologia General Science Labs Module 10 - 14 Apologia 14


For Experiment 10.4 - Newton's Third Law we didn't get pictures.  It's your basic vinegar and backing soda activity that shows for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!


Join us next time for Module 11: The Forces  in Creation - Part 1.


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