Spectracube from Funnybone Toys

Spectracube from Funnybone Toys  offers SIX different games, using a set of primary and a set of secondary color cubes.


15 Primary Color Spectracubes

15 Secondary Color Spectracubes

Carrying Pouch

Rule Book

Spectrum Cards

spectracube by Funnybone Toys Review 1 www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


With this set you can play these game variations:

Roll primary and secondary Spectracubes to create the
highest scoring spectrum straights, pairs and 3 of a kind!
Do you take the risk to roll again?

Be the quickest player to roll colors that match the center
cubes and grab them! Roll again before other players and
grab what’s left!


Spectracube from Funnybone Toys Review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com
There are so many ways to score in this game that you may
think you’re way ahead of the competition! But watch out—a
few quick rolls, and your competition could catch up!

Try not to Blotch Out! Avoid the “Color Blotch”
Spectracubes. Sound easy? Not so fast…You’ll learn a lot
about chance in this game!

Quick eyes and fast rolls get you winning—as you place your
Spectracubes into Rummy straights and sets!

Roll the Spectra-Slam cubes to win. This game gets more
intense as players approach the 15 point threshold to winning!



Our Experience with Spectracube from Funnybone Toys

For our family of 6, Spectracube provided a challenge in speed, dexterity and strategy.  They also liked the ability to be able to play so many games with one pouch of dice.

My only complaint with this game was when played at night under bright lights, some of the colors look the same -- thus, it's best played in normal daylight situations.

Check out this unique, portable and enjoyable game for your family!

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