Make Your Own Jamestown Fort Replica

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Jamestown Fort Replica

After studying early American History, my kids set out to make their own Jamestown Fort!

First, the first building material they tried was pretzel rods....after determining that they would need containers and containers of rods they decided that EATING them would be much better than BUILDING with them!

Make your own Jamestown Fort Replica

So, they went with their second choice -  jumbo popsicle sticks (more affectionately known as throat gaggers).


Jamestown Fort Replica 1


After brain storming the best way to use the sticks, they decided to glue gun the sticks into sections.  Then they used a concoction of flour and water to stick the fort walls to the cardboard base.


Jamestown Fort Replica 2


Since we live in a high humidity area, it took a lot of waiting for the dough to completely dry!


Jamestown Fort Replica 3


Once the fort was dry, the painting began!


Jamestown Fort Replica 4


After grass and water was painted on the base, it was time to add some people and build the inner buildings!


Jamestown Fort Replica 5


The chapel inside the fort


Jamestown Fort Replica 6


An ariel view of the fort


Jamestown Fort 7


A common building


Jamestown Fort 8


Outside the fort they made some "trees" out of skinny popsicle sticks and tissue paper.


Jamestown Fort 9


Let the wildlife abound!


Jamestown Fort 10


The finished fort!


Jamestown Fort Replica 11


Hands on projects are a great way to cement learning and aid in retention!


What project have you created from Early American History?  Please leave me a comment and/or link to your project below!



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