Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Review and GIVEAWAY!


Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Review

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Lads & Ladies of Wisdom is a highly adaptable character study geared towards 1st-6th graders.  This inclusive study defines wisdom and the consequences of being foolish in 20 weeks of well laid out lessons requiring minimal prep work.


lads & ladies of wisdom Table of Contents


Utilized 5 days a week, the same format is followed each week:

  • Day 1:  Introduction of topic and verse


  • Days 2-4:  Include activities to illustrate key thoughts and topics in a fun and practical way.


  • Day 5: Child is "tested" on the memory verse.  When they can recite the verse they receive a "gem" to put into their treasure chest.


Each day ends with prayer.


Here's a glimpse into a week using this study with my 6 and 11 year olds.


The first week covers wisdom and the three keys to obtaining it.


Lads & Ladies of Wisdom Week 1

On the first day, the memory verse is given and a bible passage is read aloud. Then a short time of discussion and a fun treasure hunt activity that happened to fall perfectly in line with an egg hunt.  Day 1 ends in prayer.


On the second day,  another scripture passage is read aloud followed by a short discussion time.  The memory verse is practiced as is the first key.


Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Review


The activity is an exercise in discerning actions that are wise versus those that are not.  Day 2 ends in prayer.


On the third day, scriptures from Proverbs are read and highlighted!  The memory verse and Key #2 are practiced.


Today's activity is a cut and paste page on wisdom.


Lads & Ladies of Wisdom Review


Day 3 ends in prayer.


On the fourth day, more scriptures from Proverbs are read and discussed, in addition to a passage from Matthew.  The memory verse is practiced along with Keys #1, #2 and #3.


An active activity follows with the parent reading through a set of cards - an action that would make the child fear discipline sends them hiding behind an object and an action that would result in obedience send them to you for a hug!  This day ends in prayer.


Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Review


On the fifth and last study day of the week the memory verse and three Keys are practiced. Then as my children were able to say them back to me (to the best of their ability), they received a "gem" for their treasure chest


Our experience with Lads and Ladies of Wisdom

Because this study was a little light for my oldest and a bit too much for my youngest, we adjusted it in order to have my daughter teach a modified version to my son with my oversight.  She enjoyed being the teacher and he enjoyed being taught by someone other than mom.  It was a win - win situation!


Last year we reviewed  Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue.  That study from Character Corner is a better fit for the preschool crowd.



Does this sound like an interesting character study for your home?  I have the privilege of giving away 2 ebook copies of this curriculum!  Please leave a message below to enter.  I will draw 2 winners at random on April 30, 2015!


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  1. this sound fantastic!

  2. I would really like to try this with my children. I like the idea of one of my older ones doing it with a couple of my younger ones, too. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Blessings, PK

  3. Christina FortierApril 17, 2015 at 8:05 PM

    Sounds like a marvelous way to get scripture into our children! Thank you!

  4. I did Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue and thought it worked great for our family. I would love to try this one next! It looks great.

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