EcoQube C - Sustainable Nature Aquariums

Once upon a time there was a spunky Beta fish named Blaze owned by one equally spunky little girl.


Neither Blaze nor the little girl enjoyed cramped quarters, noisy filters and ugly glass bowls that were in almost constant need of cleaning.


Both fish and human were unique and wanted an environment to complement this fact ....and that's where the EcoQube from Aqua Design Innovations comes in!


What is an EcoQube?

The EcoQube is a recirculating system where the fish produce nutrients for the plants that grow above it. This concept is called aquaponics, a method of sustainable food production that the founders of Aqua Design Innovations, Kevin Liang and Eric Suen, see as the future of organic farming.






Below is a picture of our EcoQube B.  After reading the directions, set up is easy. The hard part is waiting...waiting approximately three weeks for our basil plant to reach 1 inch. When the plant grows to that height, the system is ready to do its' part in maintaining the aquaponics cycle.  Which means you may add your fish!


EcoQube C Blaze 2


Blaze is quite a happy camper in his new digs.  My daughter loves knowing that she's doing her little part in conserving water and resources.  I love this work of art that is a functioning aquarium!


EcoQube C Blaze 1


Introducing the EcoQube C


BUT, it gets even better!  The creators of EcoQube aren't content to sit back with their creation.  They've taken feedback, price point and manufacturing location into consideration and have made the EcoQubeC!  Better design, 1/3 of the original price AND manufactured in San Diego, California.  Plus an new curriculum for schools and homeschools.  How awesome is that?!




The EcoQube C is a living ecosystem for your home or office. The aquaponics filter that turns the waste from the fish into fertilizer for the plants, and includes a UV lamp for sterilizing the water and a full-spectrum LED light for boosting the growth of the plants, no matter what the light levels happen to be.




"Aquaponics is a clear solution to address many issues of water and food shortages all over the world and we hope the EcoQube can help bring this incredible yet simple solution into our everyday lives and influence the way we perceive the larger issues in the world today. We know there are these horrific things happening but we've been so disconnected with our environment and the negative impacts we make with our everyday decisions."


By getting in on this landmark Kickstarter campaign, for a limited time, you can own one of these EcoQubes for up to $40 off!  


Be a part of a new trend in water conservation!  Check it out!


EcoQube C



I am not affiliated with this project nor was I offered any money for posting about this project.  My family found the EcoQube intriguing and are enjoying it as a teaching tool and a home for one little spunky Beta fish.

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