DIY Display from EEME Review!


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With project kits from EEME you can teach your children electronics and technology reasonably, safely and from the comfort of your home!

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Company founder and concerned parent Jack Pien was fed up with the "learning toys" on the market.  He decided to take a step in the STEM technology learning direction by bringing online lessons and monthly hands-on project kits geared towards 7-12 year olds to the public.


Through curiosity, communication and critical thinking, these unique projects do just that!





DIY Display from EEME

We had previously reviewed Project Genius Light with my children who were 14, 11 and 9. This time around, my now 11 year old daughter got to have her very own project! In the span of about 2 hours, she worked through DIY Display.




The shipment arrives with everything you need!  Parental involvement is required - however, it is best for the parent to observe and allow the child to have their hands on the project and pace themselves through the online and easily accessible video lessons.


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The video portion of this curriculum contains 28 steps broken down into bite sized clips that are perfect in length detailing information, terms and how to's.  In between instructions are short quizzes with multiple choice answers and opportunities to give short answers to questions.  What I appreciate most about these lessons is that if something isn't working it is very easy to pinpoint that portion of the lesson and hit replay!  The student can also stop the project and return to it at anytime.





A portion of the video lesson and multiple choice "quiz"




After making sure all the pieces were accounted for, my daughter began her EEME journey!


DIY Display from EEME Review


The step by step video instruction made it easy for her to do this project virtually on her own....this to the dismay of her older brothers who were dying to help!


DIY Display from EEME Review 2


Upon completion, she was able to show off her wonderful DIY Display project with changeable LED display!


DIY Display from EEME Review 3


What a feeling of accomplishment my daughter had after completing this project! She had a lot of fun and it was a confidence booster!


I whole heartedly recommend EEME projects to those who wish to expose their children to electronics/technology but lack the skills themselves to teach them!


Monthly subscriptions are available starting at $18.95/month.


Check out EEME's 6 Project Set The fundamentals of electronics in a single box!
This project set has over 80 wires and components - breadboard, baseplate, battery pack, AA batteries and everything you need to build 6 projects: Project Genius Light, DIY Display, Tentacles, Attraction, Fade To Black, and Countdown. With our online curricula, your family will build with and learn about LED's, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and much much more!



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