Apologia Physical Science Module 9 Labs

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Welcome back to Apologia Physical Science Module 9 - An Introduction to the Physics of Motion


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Apologia Physical Science Module 9 Labs


Experiment 9.1 - The Importance of Direction.  In this experiment we look at the difference between speed and velocity.


These raw eggs are traveling in the same direction, upon impact no damage!


Apologia 2


The top egg has more speed than the bottom, stationary egg.  When they hit it results in slight damage....


Apologia 3


These eggs are traveling at approximately the same speed, but different velocities...


Apologia 5


This results in damage upon impact!


Apologia 6


And then the experiment took on a life of it's own....


Apologia 7


Ok, back to work!

Experiment 9.2 - The Acceleration Due to Gravity is Independent of the Object Falling

In this experiment we look at one of the properties of free fall...all objects experience the same acceleration regardless of their weight or physical makeup.  (Apologies for the photo quality!)


Apologia 8


Holding the book and paper at the same height and arm's length, release them at the same instant and note what happens.  Repeat with the paper on top of the book.


Apologia 9


Experiment 9.3 - Measuring Height with a Stopwatch - in this experiment we learned how to measure height without a ruler!


Over a 10 time trial, standing on a chair, drop a ball from the ceiling as you time it with a stopwatch.  Record your answers!


Apologia 11


After doing this 10 times, average the results and plug them into the equation found in 9.3.



Apologia 10


Now, measure the actual height of the ceiling and compare the actual with your answer from equation 9.3.  If it's done correctly, the answers should be within 15% of one another!

After a bit of corrective figuring, we came up with answers within 15%!

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Join us next time for Module 10 - Newton's Laws!


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