As I begin my trek with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, my first assignment is a Yearly Membership to and it is my privilege to take you on a tour! Review Tales of a Homeschool Family, a division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, is a one stop shop for homeschool curriculum and encouragement.  Lessons are scheduled daily, weekly or monthly with your convenience in mind.  These lessons can be used for core learning or to fill in gaps as needed with downloadable and printable content as well as viewed online. New content is added monthly.


Logging onto the website for the first time, I immediately start browsing and clicking..followed by more browsing and clicking...which leads me to more browsing and clicking.  Grabbing another cup of coffee, I sit back and thoroughly enjoy having dozens of courses per grade level at my fingertips.  Ahh!  A perfect day for this curriculum junkie!


The website itself is easily navigable and well laid out.  Courses are cataloged by subject and grade level. Review 2

Subject areas include:  Art, Computer &  Technology, Drama & Speech, Electives, Foreign Language, History, Geography & Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Music, Nutrition, Health & Fitness and Science.  Grade levels are grouped by Preschool & Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School.


Special sections for parents and resources for members are also included.  These sections contain information on Charlotte Mason Homeschooling, college choice, special needs, a variety of "how to's", encouragement, planners, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine back issues, ebooks and much more! Review 3


Each course is written by an expert in that particular field.  Be it published authors, founders, heads of co-ops, bloggers or certified teachers, each instructor conveys a passion for learning!


As to the courses themselves - there are so many to choose from. It's like going into your favorite ice cream store and being allowed to choose any flavors, any size, any amount you desire!


Concerning the layout of the courses, Hands-on Hebrew is a good example. Review 4



HST Review 11



This section gives a general course overview, components of the course, its' length, ages/grades, outline of material, previews, teacher info, and completion certificates.


HST Review 12



HST Review 13


From this presented information, its easy to discern if this class will meet your student's needs!


Looking at


Starting with the Preschool and Kindergarten section.  I like that these two age groups are together, because skills at this level commonly overlap.  Choices include ABC's, Charlotte Mason Preschool, Copywork, Explorers, Games, Animated Storybooks and more.  There's even a selection for Sensory Learning for Toddlers!


An interesting selection for Elementary aged children is Figures in History - a fun way to learn about famous people like Joan of Arc, Stonewall Jackson and William the Conqueror. Review 6


And for the non-traditional "sit in a chair" learner, Ditch the Desk.  Various weekly and monthly lessons that take a hands-on, get out and move approach for K-5. Review 7


For my middle schooler, I was especially interested in the approach taken with Daily Grammar. Review 10


It's different from other courses in that this 16 week course utilizes a set of daily "help notes" to be used in conjunction with a given days work. Review 8



HST Review 14


My daughter definitely enjoys variety!  After looking through some of the middle school selections I was tossing around either the Australia & New Zealand Study or Renaissance History.  Letting her choose, she picked the History with its' wonderful variety.  Next year she'll be studying the years 1100-1300 as reflected in Japan, China, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Africa, India and Russia through hands-on projects, crafts, videos, notebooking, lapbooking, library books, written assignments and more. Review 9


And finally the high school section!  For many homeschoolers, the high school years seem daunting.  The help section is very informative offering information not only on transcripts, but links to each high school level course.  Within each course are details pertaining to credit ! Review 5


There are many choices for high school.  Science, Literature, Art, Economics, French, Music, Writing, Business and more!


As a Geology enthusiast, this course broken down between Earth Science terms and National Parks, is just the way I would have written a introductory Geology course if I had done it first!  And yes, this course counts for credit!


SHT Review 6


One course in particular that really caught my eye is a 2 week writing course on College Admission Writing by Sharon Watson.  We already use her high school writing curriculum and love it!  This one is on the list for my 11th grader to be.


SHT Review 9 Writing the College Essay


If it feels like I've just taken you on a breathtaking, world wind tour of this online wonder, well, I did!  There's just so much has to offer!  You can get a monthly membership at $12.95 or yearly at $139.


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