Kings of Israel Game Review!

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"What's this new game Mom?  It is geography? It is trivia? Is it role playing?"

"Well, no kids.  Not really."

"Is it like Risk?  Is it like Settlers of Catan?  Is it like Axis & Allies?"

"Um, no kids.   Not really."

 kings of israel



Combining Biblical History, team work and strategy, Kings of Israel Board Game is in a class all its own!!


Kings of Israel Game Review 12


Taking place during the time of Saul through Hoshea, this multifaceted game is challenging and best for players ages 14 and up.


Kings of Israel Game Review 1


Kings of Israel Game - Stop the invasion of warring nations and wicked kings!!


To begin play, organize the cards into piles of:





Kings of Israel Game Review 3





Kings of Israel Game Review 5





Kings of Israel Game Review 2



Sin & Punishment


Kings of Israel Game Review 4



and Location.


Next, draw the number of location cards in relationship to the number of players plus one.  This is to determine where to place the black sin cubes and idols....


Ironic thing about sin, it spreads!  Sin in Samaria?  Well, it also spreads to the surrounding areas of Dothan and Mt. Ebal too! 9


What happens when sin spreads from a nation?


Kings of Israel Game Review 10


And, when there's an idol involved, sin spreads faster and farther!  Yikes!


Kings of Israel Game Review 11


After you've collected yourself from the initial onslaught of sin, it's time to start the game.


Using your Game Turn Order card, just follow the sequence of events....


Kings of Israel Game Review 7


1)  Upon consulting the Timeline, note the behavior of the King (yellow = good, red = bad), choose a blessing or Sin & Punishment card based on that fact.


Kings of Israel Game Review 8


2)  Draw location cards in relationship to the number of players plus 1.  Place sin cubes and idols.


3)  Prophets Work Phase.  Here's where the fun and strategy come into play.  This phase is unique as it will differ from turn to turn and player to player.


Kings of Israel Game Review 6


     Pick 4 from the 7 choices


1.  Move - either by land or sea.

2.  Preach to the Israelites - remove one sin cube.

3.  Destroy an idol

4.  Acquire Resources - pick a resource card

5.  Build an altar - this is where those resource cards come in handy!

6.  Make a sacrifice - more uses for resource cards

7. Give resources - give up to 2 resource cards to another player.


4)  End of Round.  Move purple crown Timeline token down to the next king.  It is now the next player's turn.


Play continues until a specific number of alters are built (7,8,9 for 2,3,4 players respectively) or until sin cubes or idols run out (which can happen VERY easily) or the Timeline hits "Israel Destroyed".


Got it?  No?  Don't worry, that's ok.  You'll need to play a couple of times to get the hang of it.  BUT, the more you play, the more you'll WANT to play!


Choose to play easier or harder variations of this game.  Either way, you won't be bored!


As for our household, we are still trying our hand at winning this game.  Though the more we play, the better we get and the closer we are to winning.  My 13 and 16 year olds along with myself aren't giving up !


Read more about Kings of Israel and other games on the Funhill Games website.


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