The Electrifying Nervous System Review

The Electrifying Nervous System is the first of nine books in the God's Wondrous Machine series by Master Books and geared towards lower and upper elementary levels.


The Electirfying Nervous System Review God's Wondrous Machine


Author and homeschool mom, Dr. Lainna Callentine states:
"This book was a culmination of two reinforcing factors in my life:  my passion for the life sciences and my desire to see those same sciences presented in a technical but biblically accurate way.  Some may feel that the Bible has no bearing on science and only serves to dilute or confuse our understanding of it.  This book does not present science apart from the Bible but in light of it.  Others may feel that science, especially anatomy and biology, have much more to say about God and the bible than this book offers.  I believe indeed it does.  This would require a much broader investigation across multiple disciplines to fully develop."

The Electrifying Nervous System Review


Starting with a color-coded tri-level vocabulary and pronunciation list, we start our journey of the brain literally at the beginning.  1700 BC and one of the earliest mentions of brain injury!


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Subsequent fact packed chapters include:


  • Seeing is Believing

  • The Basics of the Nervous System

  • Anatomy & Physiology:  The Brick & Mortar of the Nervous System

  • The Developing Brain

  • A Case for the Brain

  • The Gate Keeper:  The Blood Brain Barrier

  • The Great Stabilizer:  The Backbone

  • It's Simply Automatic

  • Take Good Care:  Health Facts

  • Facts:  The Wacky, the Weird, and Wow




In reading over this book, my kids and I were amazed at the real life account of Phineas Gage, the intricacies of the brain and nervous system, and the functions each area of the brain controls.

"History tells the story of the past.  Over time, we have learned a great many things about how the brain works.  Our knowledge of the inner workings of the brain continues to grow."


Also included:


Development of brain from birth to adulthood


The backbone and its function


Fight or flight response and other reflexes


The importance of sleep


Foods that help the brain function


Careers in Neuroscience and more!


The Electrifying Nervous System Review God's Wonderous Machine 2


This 78 pages book is packed with eye catching photos, graphics and information all from a Biblical Worldview.  This is one series I'll be keeping an eye on!


In addition to the text, a parent lesson planner is available that contains worksheets and tests.


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