NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Review


It's a new year and time to change some of those bad habits.  For many of us that means cutting out sugar.


But, you don't have to forgo sweet altogether!


NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Review & Giveaway products


NuNaturals has been supplying the best alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners without the worry of chemicals, preservatives or nasty aftertaste!


What's so special about NuNaturals products NuNaturals Flavored Syrups


Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups that are calorie and carbohydrate free have just been added to their collection.


NuNaturals Pure Flavored Syrups Cocoa Mint Cocoa Simple Syrup



Check out the yuminess I made!

NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups


Nothing says "yuck" more than vanilla protein powder.  "YUCK"!  If I'm going to drink a protein shake, I'd much rather have chocolate..... so, when I ran out of chocolate protein powder, I made my own.


 Mocha Protein Shake (without chocolate protein powder):

  • 1 serving vanilla protein powder

  • 4-6 oz coffee of choice

  • 6-8 Ice cubes

  • 1 tsp NuNatural Cocoa Syrup

  • Add to blender, blend well and enjoy!



NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Mocha Protein Shake www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths 1


Trying my hand with a baked treat, Oatmeal Chocolate Muffins made with NuNaturals Clear Stevia Liquid and Cocoa Syrup. Bite sized treats!


NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Stevia Syrups Oatmeal Chocolate Muffins


Next, a cool  Cocoa Mint Smoothie Shake. This smoothie is made with NuStevia Mint Cocoa Syrup and is super MINTY!  I discovered that it's best made using less syrup and increasing amounts as necessary. McDonald's Shamrock shakes have NOTHING on this one!


NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups 9



Here's a Chocolate Coconut Iced Coffee for those iced coffee lovers!  With NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup, this is fabulous with no worries as to empty calories or potential blood sugar rushes!



NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Stevia Syrups Chocolate coconut Iced Coffee



I've wanted to make Chia pudding for awhile.  This  Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding was a nice change from the normal, sugar laden variety.  This version, made in two layers, is very good!


Can you tell, my little helper helped me with this creation!


NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Stevia Syrups Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding


Eat your veggies!  It's easy with a delicious Low Carb Salad Dressing.   This one uses NuStevia Reb 99 Stevia Extract and whips together in no time!





Giving a nod to my Vegan and Gluten Free friends, we tried Black Bean Brownies made with NuStevia Simple Syrup.


They smelled wonderful as they cooked. Though met with mixed results,  3 out of 6 gave them a thumbs up.



NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Stevia Syrups Black Bean Brownies 1



Why give up ice cream when you can have  Healthy Banana Chocolate "Ice Cream" ?  Utilizing NuStevia Cocoa Syrup, this "ice cream" was super easy and super yummy!



NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups ice cream



Rounding out this review are two of our favorite ways to consume NuNaturals flavored Stevias. Peppermint in hot tea and Cherry Vanilla in Seltzer Water.  Delicious and no artificial flavoring induced headaches or nasty aftertaste!



NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored Syrups Stevia Syrups Flavored Stevia with tea or seltzer water


See some of the other dishes I have made with NuNaturals.


Are you ready to try some make some positive changes in your life?


Enter to win: 

FOUR readers will each win:  1 bottle Cherry Vanilla Stevia, a 50 pkt box of NuStevia White Stevia Powder packets, a bottle of New Cocoa Syrup and a bottle of New Mint Cocoa Syrup. Each package has a retail value of $54.00, PLUS A FREE BONUS PRODUCT!


As an additional bonus for Tales of a Homeschool Family readers, receive a 15% off discount of your entire order (excluding other discounts) when you order through the NuNaturals website.  Enter code BLG0615 at checkout.  This discount remains  EFFECTIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2015 .

PLUS - Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U.S. on all orders exceeding $35.00 after discounts.



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  1. YES! I have used NUNaturals stevia in the past and would LOVE to try the new syrups!

  2. I am interested in using Stevia. Sounds like you had a tasty time trying this product.

  3. I've only ever bought the brand with the green lid from the grocery store. It is not my favorite. A neighbor let me try some of her vanilla stevia extract in my coffee one morning and it was lovely. I haven't convinced my personal shopper that he should go to another store to get me the liquid, though. With this, I can make some nice sweets for him and possibly we can make the transition. :-D And I think I need the mint. I love mint.

  4. I have used Stevia before, but I've never tried NuNaturals. I'd LOVE to though! Chocolate mint is my favorite flavor in the world!!

  5. I love NuNaturals! I use the reb99 everyday in my coffee with coconut oil. I use the stevia no carbs blend in my cream cheese pancakes. My son uses the cocoa mint and cocoa stevia for chocolate milk, but we use equal parts of water and heavy cream, instead of milk cuts the sugar out. We do the Low Carb High Fat and I try to cut out sugar almost completely, however my family members are stubborn! So 99% of the time it's mostly me, but anytime I can cut sugar in something for them I really do! :) I swear by NuNaturals and wouldn't use any other stevia, I have tried others and reviewed others. They were good, but not quite the same as NuNaturals! Thanks for linking my Salad Dressing over here :)

  6. We recently began using stevia more regularly. We have heard good things about NuNaturals but have not tried them yet. I look forward to trying them out! Thanks!

  7. Have wanted to try Stevia for a while. Some of these recipes actually look tasty. I might be converted yet.

  8. I love Stevia. I would love to try this brand abd see how it compares in the "bitter aftertaste" area .

  9. Wow! Great testimony! Thank you for sharing how you have used NuNaturals!

  10. I have only tried stevia in coffee and tea never to bake with so yes but not a whole lot.

  11. I have only used stevia once before .I would love to try out their products and see how they taste. :)

  12. I have used the sweetener but never tried any other NuNaturals products. Would definitely love a new product.

  13. NuNaturals is my top choice of sweeteners. I really only use stevia, and this is my favorite brand. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. Those look amazing. I absolutely love NuNaturals - that Chocolate Syrup and the Chocolate Syrup with Mint make a great hot cocoa!

  15. Yes, I do use stevia products!

  16. Yes, I use Stevia once in a blue moon. I would love to have the cocoa syrup for smoothies though. My girls LOVE smoothies and constantly want chocolate in them, but I refuse to put sugar filled gunk in them. This would be perfect!

  17. Yes, but only a couple...and not this brand...hoping it is better than what I have had before!
    The flavors look good!

  18. In Germany we don't have as fancy stevia products as you, so I only use a regular stevia powder for my baked goods and oatmeal.
    I would love to try these great products :)

  19. I've not yet tried any stevia products

  20. Yes, we have used stevia for a number of years.

  21. I use Stevia products for baking all the time, but have never used NuNatural. I have heard high praises of it, though, and would love the chance to try it out in my healthy baking recipes.