My Mary Kay Facial

It's been a long time since I've gone out of the way to pamper myself.  Life is just plain busy and it isn't something I consciously think about.


One of those pampering items on that list is makeup.  I get around to wearing it once a week for church and for the occasional holiday.  Because of that, my eclectic makeup bag is filled with "whatever's on sale".


One day Mary Kay consultant, Cheli Sigler,  put out a call for a wide variety of models.  Reading through the list, I saw " green-eyed model".  Since I fit that bill, I jumped at the chance to do something for myself.



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My Mary Kay Facial


Picking an afternoon, Cheli and I sat down for a facial with plenty of "mom talk" and laughter.  Time just flew by as she demonstrated Mary Kay's hand and facial products and I got to try them for myself.


I should mention that long ago (19 years!) I did use Mary Kay products.  Since that time, Mary Kay has a condensed version of their skin care line with their main product now being a 3-in-1 cleanser/toner/scrub.  Less bottles, less work --- how easy is that?


The end result was my face felt fabulous!  Cheli then picked out some neutral colors for lipstick, eye shadow and blush.  I loved the resulting natural and non-made up look.  My skin had an even glow to it without the usual uneven redness.  Best of all, my face didn't feel heavy and overloaded with concealer screaming to be washed off.  When I got home, my kids even noticed how fresh I looked.


That night, I did a total no-no.  I fell asleep with makeup on.  Now, normally I would have woke up to my face being broken out. (Acne on an older lady? YES!) While I did need to wash my face in the morning, there was not any blemish issues. I'd say that's quite impressive!


Since I had used Mary Kay in the past, I remembered about how much the makeup cost at that time. Being penny conscious, I kept thinking that in 19 years Mary Kay MUST be considerably more expensive.  I was absolutely shocked to learn that the makeup really had not risen much in price!


I'm so glad I gave Mary Kay another try!  If you don't have a Mary Kay representative, visit Cheli Sigler at her website, Facebook or Twitter.  You'll be glad you did!


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