Homeschool Planet Review

Homeschool Planet is the most intricate, flexible, all-encompassing homeschool life planner you'll ever need!




This unbelievable online tool has so many helpful options which can be tailored to your individual and family needs!  It can be utilized on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone too!

 Plan with Homeschool Planet!

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After adding basic information about your students, (name, grade, picture), choose to track attendance or add special notes.


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To start the scheduling process, click on a date on the calendar and add a class, birthday or any other appointment, chore or sport.


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Add your classes with the color coding of your choice.

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Within the class field add frequency, time, assignments, grades and hours.


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Calendar view of schedule:


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Calendar View with time slots:


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Planner view of schedule:


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Once these items are set up, you can choose the options to view your schedule by the day or week and either virtually or in print. Since I have multiple children, it was easier for me to print a weekly schedule listing all our to-do's and lesson plans.  I wish I had a color printer as the schedule would be that much more eye catching than my very functional black and white version.


Everyday you'll get a reminder asking if you need to reschedule or change any details about a given assignment.

Homeschool Planet Review



What's extra special about this program is that it can be used just for parents as a scheduling tool or as a way to incorporate independence for your older children.  With just a click of the mouse you can choose to have a daily schedule emailed or texted to the phone or email of your choice.


Our thoughts:

There's so much to this program!  The planning capabilities and flexibility are endless!  To-do's, shopping lists and even transcripts!


At first, all the options were overwhelming until I "wore" the program for awhile and became accustomed to the features that fit our family the best.  I also like the reschedule feature.  Due to our ever changing schedule, I have had to use it - a lot!  Getting onto the desktop computer to tweak things through out the day is a bit tricky.  And although it didn't work so well on my smart phone (I have an older model Android), I would imagine that it would be PERFECT on a tablet.


Homeschool Planet retails for $65/year or $6.95/month and is available only through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Give it a 30 day trial for FREE!


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  1. Is this available through the homeschool co-op? I thought it was but can't find it. Thank you so much for showing this. I am tickled. This would make my life so much easier!!!! I am afraid though it will take me time to plan it out. How long did it take for you to initial "get it"?

  2. Yes Holly, this is through Homeschool Buyers co-op. The links on the review will take you straight to the correct page. It took me a few days to get a handle on what works best for our family. It wasn't a huge deal to work with this program, there was just so many options.

    Thank you for reading!