Seed Police Book Review

Seed Police Review


The truth is right before their eyes....

"Well, first of all, controversial?"  said the minister.  "I guess if you call speaking the truth controversial, I'll accept that title.  Anyway, God created all that we need.  He gave us every seed bearing plant and seed yielding fruit tree for food."


Interrupting the minister, Government Food Program Director, Ed Harris, rebutted.  "If you listen to logic like that we would still believe the world is flat.  We can make things better; we have the knowledge and the technology."


"Look, I'm not opposed to science.  God is the greatest scientist there is, but when you take his creation and try to reinvent them, that's when you have gone too far."


In The Seed Police, those who control the food, control the people.


The population is dying of a mysterious illness, EXCEPT those who do not eat plants grown from government controlled seeds.  These rebels, known as "Seed Savers", farm in secrecy and are fiercely hunted by the government.


Seed Police is a fast moving read guaranteed to make you think twice about the food you feed your family.  One of the great things about this book is the absence of objectionable language and subject matter.  Even my 13 and 16 year olds read it!  While they had a hard time believing the "general public" couldn't "figure out" the culprit to the illness, it left them with a bit more understanding of what a healthy amount of government regulation should look like.


Though this book is written as science fiction, it appears to mirror so much happening in our world today!



Author BIO:

Gayla Prewitt has a background in broadcast journalism and is a part-time instructor at a university near her home.  She is married to a firefighter,  has four beautiful children, and a wonderful son-in-law. A health crisis with her children prompted her to re-examine the world, making her much more diligent in researching the safety of the food and many other things which her children encountered.  Some of the information gathered was the catalyst for writing this novel.

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