Guest Post: How Can You Homeschool With a Chronic Progressive Illness? Part 2


How can you homeschool with a chronic illness?  Here's Part 2 of  Becky's incredible story of homeschooling with a chronic, progressive illness.  If you haven't already, please read Part 1, and connect with Becky at her blog, There is Hope or on Pinterest. ~Lisa


Homeschooling with a Chronic Progressive Illness

Returning to the story and hoping you gain some encouragement as you read. The years
flew by and God was faithful to sustain me and to provide. Hebrew 11 in the Holy Bible is on
faith. We often read this chapter for focus and encouragement. As I said in part one, we had
several ups and downs that God used to do a NEW WORK within us. Hebrews 11:39-40
sums it up well, “These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what
had been promised. God had planned something better for us so that only together with us
would they be made perfect.”
As our youngest approached pre-K and our oldest, middle school, my health spiraled out of
control. It had become obvious that I was not responding favorably to treatments any longer,
and that severe neurological problems were presenting themselves. We came to a point
where I was home-bound and pretty much bed rested. I could barely stand or walk. I was so
weak. Our daughter felt confined and stressed. She asked to return to public school life.


She had many friends from dance class, Shenandoah Children’s Choir, and youth group who
attended the local school. Both the school, and we the parents, agreed with hesitation. Our
church’s pre-school agreed to admit our son on a scholarship. All of this was decided in the
spring, our daughter would return to the world in the fall. I spent much time in prayer and in
tears. I wasn’t ready to leave them. I wasn’t ready to accept help and to return the care of
my children to others.
As fall 2002 approached our church began a time of fasting and prayer. It was obvious to us
all that Christ was expanding this ministry and was also moving greatly among us. In a small
quiet city, a large Nazarene church was being stirred up. It was advertised that we would be
having a special prayer service one Sunday morning. My husband and I were no longer
serving as leaders but as members, and I had been missing many Sunday’s due to my
illness. My husband came home one day and announced we were going to go together, even
if he had to carry me. He knew in his heart that we needed a renewal of the Spirit of God, and
that we had to take the step of faith to let go of me, my illness, my future and our future.
Because this post is to be about “Homeschooling with Chronic Illness,” in shorter version: We
showed up and God showed up. I limped to the altar to lay it all down in faith. Women and
my husband came to lay hands on me and pray. I was already reaching out to what I was
seeing through my tears. I felt two hands on my face and a surge of energy, love and peace
inexpressible came over me. Everyone who had prayed over me felt something but was not
aware of what had just happened. That afternoon for the first time in my son’s life, I played on
a playground with him! Three days later I went to my Rheumatologist with my story. The
signs of Lupus and Fibromyalgia were gone. I was two inches taller and ten pounds lighter.
I immediately went off all treatments and was perfectly well for three and a half years. My children came back home! Our homeschool reopened as “Faith Abides Homeschool.” Our colors are Purple and Gold, and we are the soaring EAGLES! We chose purple to represent, “Our royalty in Christ Jesus.”  We chose gold to be a symbol of eternity’s HOPE and our FAITH. Our school motto became Isaiah 40:31 (NIV) “…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint.”

What can you take from this? Well, hopefully a lot, but for sure, the fact that FAITH and
HOPE can empower you and yours to live in the POWER OF GOD! Realize that Faith and
Hope are nouns to be possessed. They are great treasures, gifts from your Heavenly Father.
They are necessary to weather the storms in life; necessary to grow in the Christian walk.
One doctor told me, that HOPE is everything, the greatest medicine. However, Faith and
Hope are also verbs; you must take the action of faith and hoping. You must live it, practice it
daily. Then, you shall find the joy, peace, and power to daily overcome the hardships and
suffering, to carry on in the call on your life.
My story is one of love unimaginable. What if I had became worse, or passed on after that
day? It still would be a story of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE unimaginable. It was through my
action of faith and hope that led my family and me, to understand and experience this
powerful love. The healing was an amazing bonus, but was not the force behind the growth
that occurred in our family, home, homeschool and ministry. This growth was necessary for
what was ahead. Keep checking back for Part Three and, “the rest of the story…”
Before the final post in this series I challenge you to read Psalm chapters 29-31 out loud. We
can trust God to give us both the peace and the strength to weather the storms of life and
these Psalms serve to remind us of that truth.


To be continued.

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