KidzControl Volume Headphones for Kids Review

Since we homeschool, quiet is quite a commodity in our house.  Many times work needs to be completed on the computer, and that calls for a good pair of headphones!


We've been through a dozen pairs of ear buds and headphones.  They either don't fit, hurt, are too loud or break easily.  Finding the right set of headphones reasonably priced is a chore!




Kids Gear KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones



Our Experience:

I handed my 11 year old daughter a pair of KidzControl Volume Limit Color Headphones for Kids  in bright pink.  My first thought is they were cute, and light weight but not flimsy.  I was curious to see what my little techie would think.


She thought they were comfy and felt good on her ears.  I was happy that I didn't have to keep checking the volume levels or worry that the padding was going to hurt her pierced ears.  The sound quality was very good as well.


She was equally excited about the microphone as she loves to Skype. Unfortunately, after many tries the microphone would not work.  And, equally as disappointing was the small slip of paper with additional information about the use of the product that was written in ultra small and smudged print that was included in the box.


I realize that $29.99 isn't the most you could pay for a nice set of earphones with microphone. However, for that price and the quality of the product I would expect a company to make a better effort with their package inserts.

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