Guide to Dinosaurs from Institute for Creation Research Review


Guide to Dinosaurs from Institute for Creation Research

ICR Guide to Dinosaurs Review


I've had the pleasure of reviewing Guide to Animals and Creation Basics from Institute for Creation Research (ICR).  Both of these books are well organized with spectacular photographs and clear explanations all from a Biblical Worldview.


ICR's latest offering, Guide to Dinosaurs, follows these same high standards while maintaining evidence for a Young Earth.  These scientists don't shy away from including commonly held evolutionary beliefs in order to defend the Biblical/Young Earth counterpoint.


When showing the Geologic Timeline according to Evolution:

"Most textbooks state that dinosaurs lived only from the upper Triassic Period through the Jurassic Period and went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period, during a section of time known as the Mesozoic Era supposedly 225 to 65 million years ago.  But researchers have found dinosaur bones in rocks even deeper down in middle Triassic rocks in Tanzania.  And small dinosaur footprint have been reported in Poland that go deeper still to lower Triassic rocks (presumed to be 250 million years old).  The uniformitarian view, which holds that Earth's natural processes weren't much different in the past than they are today, considers that these different strata represent millions of years of deposition.  However, these rock layers look more like they were deposited during the year-long Flood that occurred just several thousand years ago.  The dinosaurs are found in layers deposited later in the flood. They are in higher strata since they likely were more mobile and lived at higher elevations than other animals and sea creatures."


With great illustrations throughout, you'll also learn more about:

  • Fossils

  • Pre-flood climate

  • Dinosaur myths and legends

  • How dinosaurs are named

  • The "Bone Wars"

  • Radioactive Isotope Decay

  • Dinosaur variety specifics

  • Soft fossil discoveries and more!


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In  "A Dinosaur Buried with a Fish"....
"This Sinosauropteryx, a small, land-dwelling dinosaur, was found buried in a rock next to a modern-looking fish, which presumably could only live in water.  The two animals were buried quickly before a larger animal could scavenge them and before bacteria could decompose their remains.  Paleontologists often find dinosuar remains mixed with modern creatures like fish and mammals and preserved in sedimentary rock layers.  Such rock layers could only form from a catastrophic watery even such as the great flood of Noah's day, which quickly buried animals from different environments together and preserved them for us to study today."


Another aspect of ICR that I appreciate is their ability to break down hard to understand concepts into language that everyone can understand.  In addition to providing strong Creation based evidence in the history of dinosaurs, this book has one of the best explanations of the Ice Age that followed the Great Flood I've seen anywhere!


Extraordinary evidence practically presented to challenge the unbeliever and build up the believer!




From now until the end of January, you can get this book plus the two previous Creation Guides in a special sale bundle!


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