Guest Post: How Can You Homeschool With a Chronic Progressive Illness? Part 1

Did you know you CAN homeschool your children even if your health is not 100%?  It's true! In this guest post series, we read about one brave and courageous mom that has taken on the responsibility of schooling her two children at home while dealing with a chronic and progressive illness.


Becky is an inspiration to me because of her steadfast faith and walk with the Lord in spite of what is happening in her physical body.  To hear her praise Him in the midst of this storm and walk out her faith with absolute certainty challenges me to walk worthy of my calling.  I know her story of "God's mercy, grace, power, love and HOPE" will bless and challenge you as well. Please visit Becky at her blog, There is Hope and on Pinterest.  ~Lisa


Homeschooling with a Chronic Progressive Illness


In the darkest of moments His light shines bright. His loving, pierced hands hold me tight . His amazing love washes over, bringing me comfort, peace, and assurance. Because of my Jesus Christ I have HOPE despite chronic progressive illnesses. It is the POWER of that HOPE that saw me through each day of the past 19 years. It was the assurance in His power that helped me to beat the five year lifespan , "if lucky", that doctor's laid upon my life. My loving, supportive husband reminded me of the scriptures. Psalm 31:15 tells us "My times are in your hands, deliver me from my enemies and those who pursue me". I saw each illness that was organic, from within my body.  My body waging a war against me, as those 'enemies' and I called upon the "Rock of my Salvation". 


We had always entertained the idea of homeschooling since our daughter was born in 1991. When our son was born premature in 1998 he and I both barely escaped death.  My husband and I agreed that he would be homeschooled from birth. We began our journey, our growth, and searching scriptures. Deuteronomy 11:18 became the motto of how we lived our lives. Our life really changed when our daughter, who had been  attending a Christian School that year, came home and said, "The School is closing. Will you homeschool me now?" We talked, prayed, and wondered why we had not done so yet! Why had we not brought her home where she belonged? We had let the effects of my illnesses and the effect of symptoms be an excuse. Were we living the truths we were raising our children on? We had spent years serving in ministry prior to this and now,  all of a sudden, we felt as if we had been living and serving without full commitment and abandon. I would love to say this 'light bulb' moment brought peace and perfection.  But no.  She came home and there were more interruptions and roadblocks on our spiritual pilgrim's journey.  There were trials, breaking and remolding in our marriage, home, homeschool and what would become future ministry. There was healing over past ministries. Throughout this we each held on to our faith that our God was mightier than anything we faced. We had nothing else secure but to hold on to the truths of Scripture and the lessons contained therein.


These were difficult first years of the homeschool journey. Yet, God performed miracles. Our daughter did so well , and after a year being home, tested out of  a grade which was recognized by our state. This throughout her life would prove to be "all in God's timing". Our son was growing and every limit doctor's had said he would have, he kept beating and overcoming! God was faithful to our humble efforts. I was continuing to grow progressively ill. At this time, I was living with three diagnosis of chronic illness, and it was noted that there were undiagnosed larger issues. Although I had passed the five year mark, once again my future looked very limited. Part of why we had chosen homeschooling was for the freedom to teach the Scriptures, and so that I would have the time to train our children for life without Mommy. Our daughter quickly caught on to household management for one so young. Our son was gleaning wisdom and spiritual wisdom that we would not realize until years later.  I prayed this prayer, "Teach me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my HOPE is in YOU all day long." Psalm 25:4-5, (Emphasis mine) 


If you are wanting to lead while in battle, I surely feel you must have the help of your Savior, and you need to recognize this fact first. Secondly you must be willing to be guided in order for him to guide. Realize the Scripture is the source for gaining wisdom, and  is full of what you are going to need internally to do this journey. My Study Bible has reminders, such as, the fact that we should not demand answers but should seek His loving and clear guidance through our study, prayer, being still, listening, and obeying. Let him ignite you! 


"Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me."  Psalm 31:3 

To be continued....


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