Map Travelers Review!

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What does the perfect geography curriculum look like?


Hmmm...multi-level, interactive, encompassing all continents, easily adjustable to age and learning styles AND super affordable.


Well, I found it.  Really, I did!


It's called Map Travelers from NIA Unit Studies!


Map Travelers Review


Map Travelers is carefully and thoughtfully compiled with hand-on activities (recipes too!), research and open ended projects/assignments, with literature and movie suggestions for ages 6-13.


Though this curriculum is schedule 5 days a week for 21 weeks, it is easily adaptable to your family's interests and needs.  So, if your child (children!) is really enjoying a particular continent or country, stay put!  There's enough flexibility built into the study to extend your "visit" to that region!



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For this review, my 11 year old daughter picked two weeks of "travel" from the cd-rom. The first was a week from Europe (specifically Russia and the Netherlands) and the second, a week from the United States.


Pulling up the interactive schedule for the week on Europe, on the first day we label a map of Europe with our destination and discuss why Russia is considered part of Europe and Asia.


As we look ahead to the rest of the week, we consider what activities to do and gather the necessary supplies.  We also comb through the book and movie lists.


One unique part of this curriculum is the movie and book lists.  The author realizes that what is ok for one homeschool may not be alright for another.  With this in mind, links to read reviews for each book and movie are included.  This way, you won't be caught off guard!


Out of the many choices for Russia and the Netherlands, we choose Wheel on the School for our reading (note, this selection takes us both weeks to finish)



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For research, we took a fun tour of those 'Onion dome' buildings of Russia via the link on the Map Travelers cd-rom.


For hands on fun, Russian Paper Dolls ....


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And a try at making Oliebollen - a doughnut type of dessert from The Netherlands.  Regretfully it didn't turn out, so we will try this one again at a later date.


As we tour week one of the Unites States, we stop to enjoy making a Paper Quilt....


Map Travelers


and Native American Sand Painting (we took the liberty of using glitter instead of sand)....


Map Travelers 2


Plus a selection of possible movies .....


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Make sure YOU check out the interactive sample HERE!


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  1. This sounds like an interesting curriculum. My daughter has been looking for something to use to study different countries, this might be it. One question though, how dependent is it on other books and movies? Our library is very poor and doesn't have many books or movies to choose from. Thanks.

  2. Martha,
    There's plenty within this curriculum to keep you busy. The movies and books are great extras, if you have access to them!

    Thanks for reading!