Introducing Clean from Healthy Home Company!


Introducing Clean from Healthy Home Company, made "from organic, Ecocert, ToxicFree®, and natural ingredients that remove hard water and tough stains, yet is completely biodegradable and safe. It replaces over 10 products in your home, including the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, effectively cutting through stubborn grease and more."


Clean from Healthy Home


In my experience, most orange cleaners have a rather pungent, artificial smell reminiscent of circus peanuts candy or baby aspirin - GROSS!  The thought of using such a toxic product to clean my house makes me weak in the knees!


When I received my sample of Clean, I admit I opened the cap with trepidation, expecting to be hit with that all too familiar "orange yuck" smell.  Let me tell you, I was absolutely shocked to be greeted with a wonderfully mild and absolutely pleasant smell that warranted another whiff.


Ah!  Yes, I'm actually going to enjoy this product!


Clean is the perfect "natural cleaning agent for surfaces such as countertops, sinks, showers, metal, dishes, laundry, windows, floors, and pets."


Clean from Healthy Home


Setting to work with my very own bottle, I cleaned our bathroom and kitchen countertops, stove top, refrigerator, bath tub and shower.  I was pleased with the results and I didn't have to worry about anyone getting a headache from toxin overload! As a budget conscious mother of 4, I was pleased to see that 18 fl oz of Clean concentrate makes up to 36 bottles of cleaner!


clean 2


If you'd like to know more about Clean or other Healthy Home products through Montana Healthy Living, please fill out their special contact form.


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