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From the Pilgrims, to King Philip's War, to The Salem Witch Trails, to the Revolutionary War, it's time to pick up the next leg of the journey with siblings Finn and Ginny in Volume 5 of the Our America Series, The Pioneer Adventure !




Time rules the story as Finn and Ginny set out from Nebraska during the 1800's searching for their long lost,  time traveling parents.


These youngsters experience first hand the hardships of traveling westward in a wagon train.  They endure flooding, snakes, Indian attacks, disease, wagon breakdowns, poisoning and stampedes in the hopes of reuniting with their parents.
 "The pioneers had to face many difficulties and endure untold hardships in building up an empire where those of later generations may live in peace and plenty."

-John G. Abbott, who lost both parents and a grandfather on the Oregon Trail

As with the other four volumes, Author Susan Kilbride does a fabulous job of pulling the reader quickly into the story.  Historical accounts are portrayed with precision by realistic characters that carry the story to a breath taking cliff hanger!


Time closes in around Finn and Ginny just as they think they spot their parents....but are they out of time?


....We won't know until Volume 6!


This series is geared towards 10-13 year olds.  However, my older kids have enjoyed these books tremendously.  They make a great addition to any American History study as they are historically researched and well presented without bad language or witchcraft.


Don't forget some free Pioneer Activities to go along with this time period from Susan's site as well!  AND read reviews for the other Our America books HERE.
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