Being Kind Counts Challenge - Teaching Children to Get Along


Today is the one year "blogiversary" for Tales of a Homeschool Family.  What better way to celebrate than to pay it forward!

Being Kind Challenge Tales of a Homeschool FamilyBeing Kind Challenge

Accepting the Being Kind Counts Challenge, my children and I have decided to take cookies to various neighbors in our community.


I will be nominating two other people for this challenge.  You don't need to wait for an official challenge to participate!  Just document your act of kindness with a picture, screen shot or blog post and post it HERE.


Teaching Children to Get Along - Team Building!


A few years ago, my three oldest children had a very difficult couple of days which included not treating each other kindly.  Below is how we dealt with their lack of kindness which resulted in a new found gentleness towards one another  - which in turn helped them treat others with kindness.


It was one of those non-stop, raining, icky, dreary days.  My kids were mumbling, complaining, and picking on each other and exhibiting behavior that is not one of the 'fruits of the spirit'.  Every few minutes I was having to referee some minor squabble over 'nothing'.

So, I did what any reasonable mother would do....I gave them something that they would HAVE to work together and problem solve (while having fun --- should they choose to cooperate with one another).  I gave them a PROJECT.

Teaching Children Kindess 1

Months ago I bought a Kid Concoctions Kit and put it away for a rainy day.   When I came to the end of my rope, I remembered this little gem and brought it out.  The beauty of using this as a 'team builder' is that my oldest doesn't really doesn't like crafts and my middle children love crafts, but at that moment, couldn't find anything to agree one.  They would have to put their differences aside and work together for the good of 'The Team' without help from me.

I gave them these rules:  You can do ANY of the projects in the book, but, you must work together and you must come to a consensus.  You must not raise your voice and you must be kind towards one another.

After diving into the box, opening the goodies and paging though the instructions, I was pleased to hear the three of them communicating and working through what projects they wanted to do.  One making compromise here and another one making compromise there.  This was working!

Teaching Children Kindess 2

Making slime....

Teaching Children Kindess 3

Gluey Gems in the works!

Teaching Children Kindess 4

They ended up making 3 projects - Goo, Taffy and Gluey Gems.  More importantly, they saw first hand how speaking to one another in kind words,  compromising on small issues and maintaining unity (as in working with a team mentality instead of a 'me' mentality) changed their whole day from a 'real drag' into a rewarding experience with those they chose to love.

Matthew 7:12  "So in everything do to others as you would have them do to you."

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  1. We used to make our children work together on a project when they were not getting along. It usually worked! Now that they are older, this isn't such an issue as they are so busy they miss seeing each other and look forward to the times they are together. Funny how just a few years can make all the difference.