Cookie Maps - A Delicious Twist on Geography!


In conjunction with our first day of school, I decided to kick off our history/geography studies with a delicious twist.


We've done salt dough maps in the past.  But this time I opted for edible, kid decorated Cookie Maps!


With a little bit of planning, these are fairly easy to make.


First, whip up a basic sugar cookie recipe.  (Don't have one?  Check out these from Allrecipes.)


Next, trace an outline map of the United States on Waxed Paper with a Sharpie and cut out.


cookie map 1


After rolling out enough dough for each child, trace around the Waxed Paper stencil with a butter knife and remove excess dough.


Once that is done, it's time to decorate.  Break out the marshmallows, icings, sprinkles, candy dots and chocolate chips!!!


cookie map 2


I gave my kids a fairly light list of geomorphic requirements.....Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Mississippi River and three cities that have significance to our family.   They were encouraged to put more detail on their map.  And, that meant something different for each child.


A straightforward map by the oldest.


cookie map 3


A little bit of everything from the youngest.


cookie map 5


A "pretty" map from the daughter.


cookie map 6


And a little humor from my second born.  (He doesn't like eggs....even though it's mixed into the batter.)


cookie maps 4


Upon completing their masterpieces, the cookie concoctions were baked at 350F for about 10 minutes with some very interesting results!


cookie map 8


In the end, each map was a tasty tribute to the United States.  Though next time we'll go easy on the marshmallows!


If you've blogged about cookie maps, please feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments!



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