My Student Logbook Review


Finding a student planner that accommodates my highschooler's needs is not an easy task. Though he doesn't need flashy artwork, he does need a planner that covers a full week (all 7 days) per page, is undated, able to accommodate more than the usual 36 weeks, contains enough space to write a large listing of books, is spiral bound, lays flat when opened AND doesn't break the bank.

Originally designed to help track the number of hours spent homeschooling, My Student Logbook was created by a homeschool mom of many in order to fill a void and save her own sanity.


Though we do not live in a "high regulation state", my son and I made this planner easily work for us.  At the highschool level his curriculum utilizes a large number of living books.  With your average planner it's difficult to make them all fit.  But with this logbook, all those lines work wonders for organization!  And the unique 'removable flap' makes scheduling a breeze without having to write and rewrite each weeks repeated work.


My Student Logbook Review


My Student Logbook Review


Easy to set up.  Easy to implement.  Easy to read and follow.  It's a win-win all around!




In addition to 52 log pages, My Student Logbook also contains:

  • How to use My Student Logbook to Create High School Transcripts

  • An All About Me Page

  • Prayers and Goals

  • Bible Memorization Log

  • Books Read

  • Events, Projects, Field Trips and Activities

  • Test Records

  • Year Highlights

Check out this Logbook for yourself.  There are a variety of heavy duty covers to choose from plus the choice of either pre-dated or undated log pages.

I love this easy to use planner and my oldest, who's not into flashy, does too!


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