Love the Journey Review and Giveaway!


It's not a sprint.  It's not a race to the finish.  Homeschooling IS a journey!  Marcia Somerville, who authored the Tapestry of Grace curriculum and homeschooled her 5 children,  shares years of experience in the new book Love the Journey.


So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be ministered to!


Love the Journey Review

"The book is written to woman who are disciples of Jesus Christ and are new to homeschooling....What this book is, or is trying to be, is a book that helps you to find (and define in your own words) the principles behind wise homeschooling practices....I have all the time in the world to share encouragement, wisdom and exhortation."


Though geared primarily towards new homeschool moms, all moms will be encouraged and strengthened no matter their place in this adventure.


Love the Journey is a beefy 300+ page read, broken down into 5 sections covering:


Your Homeschool is Your Homeschool!  Getting to know your homeschool self.

*Evaluate values and convictions.  Develop unique philosophy on education


Mountaintop Views.  Benefit from hindsight NOW.

*  Shaping happy, healthy, godly people (yourself included!)


When You Sit at Home.  Order in the home!

*  Keeping a "peaceful, orderly environment in both its' spiritual and physical aspects."


As You Walk Along the Way.  Practical tips and tricks.  Some "places" to visit and some not to see again.

*  Gender, learning modalities and curricula


When You  Lie Down and When  You Rise Up.  "God's eye view of life."

*  Scripture filled in areas of commitment, love and attitude


Our journey is just starting its' 12th year.  Even so, I was able to take away some practical helps, such as how to assist my struggling speller and the importance of hands-on mapping activities for geography.  This all the while reinforcing the spiritual aspect of homeschooling.  Since I was unable to get away for our state's homeschool convention, Marcia's book was just the breath of fresh air to encourage and reiterate the mission for our homeschool family!!


Are you a new homeschooler?  This book is perfect for you!  Already a homeschooler?  Check it out!  Read sample chapters here.


As a special thank you to Tales of a Homeschool Family readers, I'm giving away a copy of Love the Journey!  Enter to win AND get in on a 25% off discount for a digital or hard copy until July 28, 2014.    Just use the code LTJTSHF14 at the checkout.
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  1. This will only be our second year.

  2. This will be my first year "officially" teaching both kids! Knowing it can be done but trying to wrap my head around how exactly to do it and keep sane. :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This is only our second year with a rising 5th grader and one 3rd grader. Thanks for the giveaway--I'm always impressed by Marcia's wisdom, so I'm looking forward to reading this. Thanks!

  4. I'm a new homeschooler, this will be our first year, and I'm excited and nervous!! :)

  5. I am not new; been homeschooling since 1996

  6. I'm not a new homeschooler but I'm still trying to work out lots of kinks in our system. Just when I think I've got it down, something changes and I'm thrown off kilter again.

  7. I'm not a new homeschooler but I am homeschooling a house full of little people and still learning as we go.

  8. In years, I am probably a veteran, lol. My oldest is going into 5th and he has homeschooled since the beginning except for one half a semester when we tried an online academy (disaster!), but I still feel like a novice most days! I would love anything to help make the days run smoother.

  9. This is our second year.