The Lost Art of Napkin Folding

When was the last time you sat down to eat and were greeted by a fancy-folded napkin?


If you are like me, it was probably during a visit to a fancy restaurant.


Napkin folding is a bit like origami - though not nearly as stressful!


During this past year, my 10 year old daughter through her Keepers of the Faith group learned a bit about this lost art.


Want to join in but don't have cloth napkins?  Neither did we.  Heavier weight paper napkins will work almost as well!


Here are a few of favorites along with their corresponding Youtube videos.


French Pleat


The Lost Art of Napkin Folding


Bow Tie           



Christmas Tree


The Lost Art of Napkin Folding


Casual or fancy, be inspired to add a little visual zip to your dinner table!

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  1. Hello,

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