Mega Meal Monday: Chicken Kiev

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Welcome to Mega Meal Monday!

There are many Chicken Kiev recipes.  Most call for flattened chicken breast. Here's my version that is the quickest and easiest, though NOT the neatest!


Chicken Kiev 1 Mega Meals - Tales of a Homeschool Family



Boneless, skinless chicken THIGHS

One pat of butter per chicken thigh

Garlic and onion powder

Green onions, diced

Bread crumbs


Except for the butter, I did not include amounts on the ingredients.  The amounts will vary with your taste and the quantity of chicken used.  I like to make extra and freeze - or - cook once and eat for two meals.  Plan on one Kiev per person.


Grab a muffin tin (or two depending on how many you plan on making.  One thigh = one muffin cup) and grease the insides of each tin with cooking spray or oil.  I use coconut oil.


Lay each thigh flat, sprinkle with garlic, and onion powder, and green onions.  Lay a pat of butter in the center and roll the thigh up.


Chicken Kiev 2 - Tales of a Homeschool Family


Place the rolled up chicken seam side down into the muffin tin.  You will need to push and tuck it some.


Sprinkle all tops with bread crumbs.  Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes or until done.

(This is messy, but yummy!)


Chicken Kiev 3 - Tales of a Homeschool Family


To serve, scoop Kievs out from the tins using a slotted spoon.  After cooling,  they can easily be placed into a ziploc bag and frozen.


Chicken Kiev 4 - Tales of a Homeschool Family


Excellent served with gravy.  In fact, my kids call these 'chicken meatballs'.


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