RoseArt Washable Chalk Paint Review

One sure sign of summer is the presence of sidewalk murals done up in chalk.

Adding to our fun festivities, my crew and I were able to try a new twist on this old favorite.  RoseArt Washable Chalk Paint!

RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk Paint Review

The 'paint' comes powdered in a pouch.  Just open the pouch, pour into the provided cups, add water and stir!

Roseart Sidewalk Paint


The kids were so excited to try this outside as soon as we received it.  I was surprised that the paint containers come with a lid so you can save the paint for another artistic sidewalk session.  I really thought because of this, the paint would go a long way.


 Roseart Sidewalk Paint


Unfortunately, it takes A LOT of paint to really make a vivid image.  And this was even after trying it on the driveway AND the sidewalk.



 Roseart Sidewalk Paint


Then there's the foam brushes.  Even with gentle use, they disintegrated rather quickly. After 10 minutes the paint was gone and so were the brushes!


 Roseart Sidewalk Paint


What started out as super excitement, dwindled quickly into mega disappointment!  I'll just end by saying I'm glad I got them as a review item and did not buy them!


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