Edible Periodic Tables

This year my 5th AND 10th grader studied age appropriate Chemistry courses from Apologia.

Aside from solutions and reactions, a favorite memory was the eating part.


Chemistry and eating - sounds gross!


Not when it's in the form of dessert with enough to share and share and share!


Breaking out our favorite sugar cookie recipe, we baked over 100 cookies.


Edible Periodic Table


Then we bought enough colored frosting to represent 4 groups.  After the appropriate number of cookies were frosted, we set to work writing individual chemical symbols with black lettering gel.   Mysteriously, some cookies managed to disappear before the project was finished!


Edible Periodic Table


Edible Periodic Table


Once that was complete, it was time to line them up in proper order.  Afterwards, we had enough to bring to a friend's house for dinner AND share with the neighbors!


Edible Periodic Table

And you thought science was boring!

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  1. Cute Idea. My 4th grader studied the elements this year, but wants to do more in depth chemistry next year so maybe we will do this as a review project.