Tapestry of Grace Link Up #6



Tapestry of Grace Tuesday


It's mid-April and this year's finish line is in sight.


As we finish up, it's a great time to give your homeschool a self-evaluation.  Sitting down, I am pondering these questions:

  • What worked well academically?

  • What didn’t work well academically?

  • What activities worked well?

  • Which activities didn’t work well?

  • Name some high points of the year.

  • Name some low points or stressors

  • In what areas does this child excel?

  • In what areas does this child need to improve?


Once I finish thoroughly going through these questions, it'll be time for me to hit the planning books for my two Rhetoric students who will be going through Year 3!


What's happening with your Tapestry of Grace studies?


It’s time to link up any Tapestry of Grace related blog post!


What great ideas have you implemented lately with this curriculum? What about great hands-on activities and crafts?



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