Apologia General Science - Module 13 Labs


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Welcome back to Apologia General Science Labs Module 13!


This lab period we are concentrating on The Human Digestive System.


Apologia General Science - Module 13


Due to lab instructor's prerogative....MINE.... we skipped Experiment 13.1 -Seeing a Part of the Digestive Process.  I just couldn't handle the thought of a group full of kiddos spitting chewed up crackers into a glass....however, they were encouraged to try this one at home.


Experiment 13.2 - Stomach Acid and Antacids.


In this experiment, we start with the cabbage water indicator.




Next we add the toilet bowl cleaner (an acid,  similar to what is in your stomach).




Apologia General Science - Module 13


And to neutralize, a Tums....stirred and stirred and stirred!


This should have turned more purple.  Due to the toilet bowl cleaner having a bit of a blueish tinge we think that's why it didn't turn all the way --- even after we did this experiment twice.


Apologia General Science - Module 13


Moving onto Experiment 13.3 - The Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate on Stomach Acid.


Starting again with the cabbage water indicator...




Next we add the toilet bowl cleaner (acid)




Now for the fun part - slowly adding the sodium bicarbonate to the glass...


Apologia General Science - Module 13


I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture of the resulting 'fizz', but, you can definitely see the color change.


Apologia General Science - Module 13


A very nice way to show what happens in your small intestine when sodium bicarbonate from the pancreas mixes with chyme coming from the stomach.


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Join us next time for Module 14 - The Human Respiratory and Circulatory Systems


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