The Revolutionary War Adventure Review!

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Brother and sister, Finn and Ginny are at it again.

Continuing the search for their lost, time-traveling parents.

This time during the Revolutionary War!


Revolutionary War Adventure - My America


If you've never read the Our America Series by home educator, Susan Kilbride, you are missing out on a profoundly rare literary treat.  Using journals and historical documents, Susan skillfully recreates the atmosphere of early America with a touch of 21st century technology.  Think Magic Tree House but without the wizardry for ages 10 and up.

"I didn't really know that our liberty was won at such a terrible cost,"  he said.  "I never appreciated it before."


In The Revolutionary War Adventure , Finn and Ginny jump through major events of this era:  The Boston Tea Party, battles of New York, Valley Forge, Yorktown, and the crossing of the Delaware.  Experience the shot heard around the world and meet Whigs and Tories, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and General Washington himself!


My kids, ages 15, 12 and 10 have really enjoyed this series.  They come away learning something new without the drudgery of a dry text book. Already they are anticipating volume 5!


Catch the excitement of living during the birth of our nation!


For more information on these books and free Revolutionary War activities plus science unit studies visit plus read reviews of the other books in this series HERE.

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