King Philips War Adventure Book Review!

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Love adventure and American History?  Check out The King Philip's War Adventure  the second book in the Our America Series…..


King Philips' War Adventure from the Our America Series


I don't know what I love more....


  • The release of the second book in Susan Kilbride's Our America Series....




  • That the series is written by a home-educator....




  • That I really enjoyed a great piece of historical fiction about a topic I previously knew nothing about...



  • That I'm very excited to share this with my 11 and 13 year olds....



The King Philips' War Adventure picks up where Pilgrim Adventures leaves off.  Siblings Finn and Ginny are still trying to find their parents who have been lost in time.  Narrowly making it back to the 21st century, brother and sister make a second attempt at time travel.  This time landing separately in 1675.


While trying to find one another and search for their parents, the kids must deal with the rapidly deteriorating relationship between the Colonists and Indians which has resulted in King Philips' War.  In addition to the  brutal fighting, the reader learns how Indian tribes have turned against one another, with levels of trickery and loss of compassion on all sides.


Using actual events, this book takes more of a personal look at the fighting and toll on the English and Indian families.  Between that and wondering if Finn and Ginny would find each other before the time machine triggered again, I could not put this heart-tugger down!


Due to the nature of this story, the minimal reading age for this book is a mature 10+ only.


The author has surely penned another winner.  You can also find fun activities to go with these books at:  Funtastic Unit Studies plus read reviews from the rest of the series HERE.


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