A Nation Under Judgement: One Nation Apart from God Book Review


Wow!  A Nation Under Judgement: One Nation Apart from God  is an all encompassing book regarding areas in which our government has fallen short complete with responses from God's Word.  Needless to say, it's an intense read!

"Nations show wisdom when they align their policies with God's view.  The further a nation strays from God's point of view, the closer it comes to being a nation under judgement."


This is a book that needs to be read and digested in small chunks.  Get comfy with a nice cup of tea or coffee and be prepared to be mentally and spiritually stimulated.



A Nation Under Judgement Book Review


Hitting on major areas in today's spotlight:  hunger, homelessness, abortion, gambling, marriage, poverty and more, author Richard Capriola  takes you from the history of these subjects up to the present and includes what God has to say about each of these topics.
"We must decide if we will be a nation of wisdom...one that enacts laws and policies aligned with God's point of view or a nation that strays from His point of view and becomes a nation under judgement."


Though there were some parts that could be viewed as a snippet of socialism (the references to UNICEF, the stewardship of the earth, distribution of food) Capriola does a good job tying his arguments into scripture.  He really made me ponder these topics in a new light - the light of scripture!
"When leaders ignore His point of view, they promote policies that drive a nation away from God and they risk bringing judgement upon themselves and their nation."



Is the United States a nation under judgement?  Have we reached a boiling point?

"The future of our nation may rest on our commitment to create policies and financial priorities that return us to living out the words ----one nation under God.  Ultimately, we must decide if we will follow god's point of view on issues like defining when life begins; ending hunger, poverty, and homelessness; protecting the environment, and equitably distributing our enormous wealth, or whether we will follow our current path and risk being a nation under judgement"


And this point of view is certainly worth mulling over!


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