Sabbath Rest Revelation

Ocean - Sabbath


We are newbies in the partaking of the Sabbath.


By far, the most difficult aspect of this is to just "be" for a period of 24 hours and not continue to plow through my to-do list.


Though it's hard to slow down, it is such a blessing to experience the peace and calm the Sabbath brings.


My children are very good at calling me out when I start getting too busy "doing" instead of "resting".


During one Sabbath, I was having a particularly difficult time relaxing.  I was NOT taking it easy.  My 12 year old saw this and literally told on me!  My husband, realizing that I wasn't going to rest until I was out of the house, quickly packed us up for the beach.


Once we arrived, I was able to relax and concentrate on the Lord and my family.   Watching the ocean crash upon the shore I realized that even the mighty waves rest in between crests.


Yes, ALL of creation rests!


And so must I.


It's God's plan and design!

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