WHY the Sabbath

WHY the Sabbath


It feels a bit strange adding the Sabbath category to my blog when there are so many others who are more qualified to write on this subject.


I do know one thing....


Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to abolish it.  (Matthew 5:17.)  So, for our family that means honoring a traditionally timed Sabbath is done out of love and desire to be obedient.


It is my hope that as we grow into our Sabbath rest, our journey will encourage you.


Here's how it started....


Why the Sabbath?  I mean, I know what the Sabbath IS, but why would someone who's not Jewish or a Messianic Jew choose to observe a day of rest on the traditional Sabbath?


I first pondered this question over a decade ago.  I had befriended a lady who was a born again Christian and also observed a traditional Sabbath.  She explained to me that while she was saved by Jesus' redemptive death and Resurrection, her family chose to observe the Sabbath purely out of love and obedience.  And out of that love and obedience flowed a blessing over her life that I have rarely seen ever since!


I was intrigued by this formal day of rest and wanted so much to have this in my household.  My husband, however, did not share the same view.  It would take over 10 years of prayer and mentioning "it" here and there before he too understood the beauty of purposeful rest .... and the resulting blessing.


So, here we are.  Two born again Christians with no Jewish roots desiring to honor God with a formal Sabbath.


Fortunately we are currently blessed with the wonderful resource of another family with Jewish roots.  These friends graciously opened their home to us during some of the Biblical festivals.  They patiently talked with us and answered our many questions. In the end though, it was my husband who took the lead in instituting our family Sabbath to coincide with the traditional timing of sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.


I was excited and yet overwhelmed at the thought of making a formal Sabbath part of our weekly lives.  My husband, being a wise man, sensed this and suggested we start small and work our way up.  This was to ensure that we would not be overloaded and overburdened with doing everything and end up quitting.


While we don't have a traditional lighting of candles and Challah bread (yet) - we do have an absence of television and screen time with a focus on peace in our relationship with the Lord and with one another.


Though we have far to go, this is where we've started.


  1. Ah! The blessing of the Sabbath! Isn't it wonderful? Our family keeps the Sabbath as well. In fact I have been blessed to know and worship the Sabbath my whole life as my parents were 7th day Sabbath keepers as well. And no, I have no Jewish roots. We love the Sabbath. We love the break from the hustle and bustle. We love meeting together with our church each week and sharing the beauty of the day with fellow Sabbath keepers to worship God and learn more about Him.

    And so on this Sabbath evening, I wish you peace and great blessing!

  2. Hi i just stumbled on this on pinterest. I am not jewish but married to one, and we are part of the messianic community in Israel.

    The beauty of love and obedience is intriguing.

    I would love to give you a few thoughts on the Sabbath. It is the day that the Lord choose to rest himself after creating the World. Humans were the last thing to be created on the 6 th day, so the first day Adam and Eve experienced was the Sabbath, the beautiful rest in the Lord in a world that right then was still perfect, without sin. Isn't this amazing? I think it says so much about God's desire for us to rest in him.

    Anyways, people have packed that day that is so freeing with tons of laws as how to observe it, which turned the day of rest into some sort of mad law observing. I want to encourage you to take it slow as your husband said and just rest. Just enjoy the day without worries about housework and stuff. you see, the law for the Sabbath says six days work, one day rest.this can be different to everybody. Someone who works on the pc all week, should take time off from that on the sabbath, but someone who maybe doesn't can enjoy browsing a little on pinterest for enjoyment. A professional seamstress shouldn't sew on the sabbath, cause it's her regular work, but someone else might find to take time to finally sew something on the sabbath a to be super rewarding and relaxing. You don't have to be all spiritual and meditate all day, but it should be part of the sabbath.

    A note to the challah. It is a symbol of God's provision for Israel in the desert and on Friday he gave them double portion to collect, so they wouldn't have to on the Sabbath. So it is also a reminder of what i just described, not to do your regular work on the Sabbath. There is no law about that, it is Jewish human instituted tradition, so you are free to skip that, even though it delicous.

  3. we follow the same friday night - sat night sabbath you speak of, but we dont do the candles or other jewish related ceremony. we are seventh day adventists. :) its exactly what you say - we dont follow because it saves us, we follow out of love. we want this because God wants it for us. He wants us to come apart once a week and have time that we can focus and recharge. its like a vacation from life every single week. its beautiful!

    have you ever read anything about mosaic law vs the law of God (commandments)?

  4. Lisa M,
    Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! Blessings to you!

  5. Lydia,
    Thank you for your note of encouragement!

    This is new ground for us for sure! My husband also commented to me that we should try to avoid our 'normal work' and not get hung up on all the "don'ts" so we squash the joy of the Sabbath.

    Blessings to you,

  6. Hi Erickajen,
    We know some of the Mosaic law vs the Commandments - and that could possibly open up a whole other can of worms. Eventually we will look at this more closely (mostly out of curiousity), but, for now we are just trying to concentrate on a day of rest and recharge!

    Thank you for your encouraging comment!

  7. When you are ready to add the Challah bread, let me know. I have a killer recipe.