What I Learned from Our First Family Sabbath

What I Learned from Our First Family Sabbath


We've been wanting to purposefully set aside a day of rest for quite some time.  For a variety of reasons, we never seemed to do it.


What I learned from our first family sabbath www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


Last week we made a conscious effort to set aside a purposeful day of rest on the traditional Sabbath.


We understand that it has no bearing on our salvation, but choose to do it out of obedience and blessing.


We also decided to build upon our Sabbath "activities" as time goes on rather than begin full blast and risk falling short of the "ideal".


With that, we skipped the computers, tv and video games plus all the non-essential work.


Sounds easy enough, right?


I learned something very valuable.  Purposeful rest is HARD and it's something I need to prepare for!


Sure we spent time reading the word, praying and resting.  We also enjoyed uninterrupted family game time, taking walks and tea parties.  That was the EASY part.


But it wasn't easy to NOT do laundry, run the sweeper, batch cook and so on.


For myself, it was a HUGE effort to keep my mind off of work and my to-do list.


For our next Sabbath rest, I'm going to do better at getting those "nagging chores" completed before hand so I can completely enjoy the day of rest, refocus and worship!


Do you observe a Sabbath in your home?



  1. Beautiful. We have been Sabbath keepers for 11 years now and you are so right. Purposeful rest is hard. It is hard to put aside our concerns and focus on Adonai but there are such beautiful blessings in it. May you be blessed in your endeavor.

  2. Hey Lisa-

    It is Hard to purposely rest in our modern world. We had done a Sabbath life for a while, but as we got busier...well the excuses piled up.

    We are going back to a Sabbath. It's an act of trust in God. Thanks for the reminder and your testimony!

  3. Thank you for your encouragement Melissa! You are right - being purposefully still is hard. Prayerfully I'll get there!

  4. Karen - thanks for reading and commenting. I can see how easy it is NOT to do a Sabbath. But like you said, it is an act of trust in God!

  5. Looking forward to hear how it goes on your 2nd Sabbath!

  6. yay for Sabbathkeeping! im a 7th day! :)
    there definitely is the need for a day of preparation! you'll read about that in the Bible, for example, in the crucifiction story they refer to the day He died as the day of preparation, then the next day was the day of rest.
    on friday, i do all of my housecleaning chores, and i go to town and get groceries. im better at this in the summer than the winter (simply because of daylight hours) sometimes i get food prepared for the next day, sometimes i dont. either way i try to do as much as i can so that i dont mind the few dishes piling up and laundry piling up on Sabbath. the longer ive done it though the easier it is to just ignore that stuff. i used to even rinse the dishes which felt like too much work for a Sabbath, so now i literally dont. we do get them to the sink/sink area and i usually take care of them at night, but still, im far better than i used to be.

    the only way to do it is to just keep trying. just keep growing and learning and trying. and you're right, do it out of obedience and blessing. the "Sabbath was made for man.."!!! it truly was made for us to specifically have a day set aside that we can relax, recharge, and focus on God. its so so easy during the week to let our business get the best of us, taking over the time we would read His word or pray or just have peace and quiet. i still struggle with the day to day. but im always glad to have the Sabbath, and im always so glad my husband will be home with us (though he doesnt do it perfect either and some days gets dragged into things as well...)

    anyway, praise God! keep trying and following Him, and He will show you things you never thought possible!

  7. Thank you so much Ericka for your encouragement! It's good to know that 'resting' becomes easier!! Blessings!

  8. We keep the Shabbat, and it is a beautiful thing. I find that I experience a bit of sadness, when Shabbat is over. It sets the pace for the week, and is a real pleasure to look forward to. :)

  9. I have found that it's best to prepare for the Sabbath as if you are preparing for a "date". I do not wait until the last minute to do things for the Sabbath. I use Friday as my FINAL preparation day but I try to do little things earlier in the week (ironing our clothes for church!!), "serious" cleaning, any cooking that will keep. I also give my boys their own Sabbath chores. About an hour before sunset on Friday, I also switch my music over to my "Sabbath" playlists as a reminder that it's coming. It makes it so much more beautiful when it arrives!

    But--even after all these years of keeping my own house and keeping the Sabbath I still have moments of forgetfullness and frantic rushing. So I still have to remind myself of the preparation!

    Blessings to you on this journey!

  10. Lisa M,
    I so appreciate your comments and encouragement. You are right, I need to be mindful of the Sabbath throughout the week so we are not doing 'the mad scramble' on Friday afternoon!

    I love your final preparations list too!

  11. How wonderful for you to begin this with your family. I do keep Sabbath. I need this time. I am a doer and it's hard to be still, but without this rest my world quickly goes out of balance.

    I love that you have a sabbath week with your homeschool. I'd never heard of that before. I school year round as well and could definitely see the benefits of some healthy breaks thrown in for sanity's sake.

  12. http://www.glowcentral.org/why-i-go-to-church-on-saturday-2/

    You might enjoy this little tract that shares some Bible basics on the Sabbath..... and why millions around the world not only rest, but worship on the Lord's day and find the rest from our labors (and our works) that only Jesus can give! Wishing you blessed rest this Sabbath!