Top 10 Posts from 2013 by Tales of a Homeschool Family


Compiling a Top 10 list of the most read posts at the end of a given year is generally a fun thing for a blogger.  Not only does it show where interests lie but may even help steer the future of that blog.

I remember doing this last year for my former blogging home and was amazed that the top post wasn't for homeschooling!

That knowledge eventually fueled my change in direction and encouraged me to restart my blogging here at Tales of a Homeschool Family.

Since I started this blog at the end of August, I only have a few months to work with.  But all the same, here's the Top 10 posts for Tales of a Homeschool Family:


1.  Mega Meal - Taco Casserole Bake

2.  Guide to Creation Basics Review

3.  Ecclesiastes from a Homeschool Mom's Perspective

4.  I Broke my Own Rule and Now I Come Clean

5.  Organizing Your Meals - Organizing Your Life Blog Hop

6.  What is a Sabbath Week?

7.  Organizing Your Laundry - Organizing Your Life Blog Hop

8.  Science in the Beginning Review

9.  Write from History - Early Modern Review

10.  Encouraging Scriptures for the Homeschool Mom


Thank you all for reading!

Here's to another wonderful year!





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