Teaching with Legos - Ancient History


Technically this post should be titled, Teaching with Duplos AND Legos.  But, instead of splitting hairs, let me offer up the suggestion to use these interlocking building blocks for your children's next building project instead of the usual Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks and various other what nots!

Here's a few of our favorites:

Duplo/Lego Tabernacle


Lego Duplo Tabernacle


A birds-eye view of the inner tent


Lego Duplo Tabernacle


One more shot of the Tabernacle


Lego Duplo Tabernacle


Bet you never saw an Assyrian Battering Ram with a dinosaur's head!


Lego Assyrian Battering Ram

Finally, a Greek Amphitheater


Lego Greek Amphitheater



Next week I'll share some of our favorite from Medievel History!

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