Make Your Own Teepee - Crafting Gone Awry!

 Make your own teepee


It all started with our study of Early American History  and this book....


Make your own Teepee


Inside I found an awesome craft activity for making a teepee.




Now, I'm not the most crafty person, but, it's a teepee.  How difficult could it be?


Besides, there's step by step instructions and precise measurements included.... this will be a piece of cake!


This is gonna be GREAT!


Make your own teepee


Getting a sheet spread out on the floor, we set out to start our teepee outline.  Since the measurements from the book were in metric, we got a little practice converting centimeters to inches.


After getting the top notch and the bottom measured and sketched in, we cut out our teepee-to-be.


This is going to be GREAT!




Then came time to sketch and color a decoration onto the cloth.  I was hoping for a more geometric pattern design, but, the kids insisted on making one for the cat - calling him, "Chief White Paw".


Still, this is going to be GREAT!


Make your own teepee


All ready for "Chief White Paw"!  (And, it's still going to be GREAT!)




Now comes the part that is a blur.  This is the part where you take your poles, stand them up and cross the top portion across one another.  And then, while these poles stand, you gingerly and easily lay the fabric over it and Voila!


Um, won't stand.  After using rope, tape and a variety of different poles we are ready to give up.


This is a teepee --- how hard can this be?


Out of desperation, I grab my son's circus tent in hopes that somehow we can make it work.... because, this is going to GREAT!


Make your Own Teepee


Um, no.


Not giving up, my kids continue to work.  Finally they call me in to show me their creation.




Though it's not'useable in the "sit in it like a real Indian" kind of way, it's the most credible looking version so far....except for that cat toy hanging out of the top. Hmmmmm.




The physics underneath it all.....




And though things didn't turn out as planned, I've discovered two things....  That I should stick to prepackaged crafts that measure less than 12 inches AND belly laughs are GREAT!




  1. That is TOO funny!!! Yes, getting the poles to stay together has always been a mystery to me too. Those Indians -- excuse me, native Americans -- had some sort of trick, I'm sure! LOL

  2. We had a hard enough time making little 6 inch ones, I couldn't imagine trying one that big. Looks like your kids still had a great time learning and probably appreciate the fact that they have a nice house to live in!

  3. LOL...that is too funny and totally the way ours would end up if I tried. I am NOT crafty all!