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Weeding out the Wheat



Weeding Out the Wheat is an impressive compilation of hours of researching articles, lectures and medical journals.   This book, written by Luke and Trisha Gilkerson,  comes from the angle of an abundance of supporting information over emotionalism.

"The first time we started reading about this impressive list of health concerns, we simply couldn't wrap our minds around it.  "Come on," we said.  "This is ridiculous.  Wheat is a staple of life.  It has been consumed by people for ages.  How could something so fundamental to human culture and civilization be that bad for you?"



Right off the bat, I was amazed at the realization that the type of wheat we currently eat verses the ancient variety eaten by our ancestors is NOT the same.   Who would have thought that our incredible 20th century technology used in 'tweaking' wheat to ease world hunger would bring on such a nutrition epidemic?


I surely wouldn't!

"Of course, the desire to solve the world hunger problem is commendable, but it was assumed by scientists that modern wheat hybrids would offer humans the same nutritional value as before.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  It is possible that this lack of testing ended up creating as many problems as it solved."


The authors do a great job presenting the facts of modern wheat and how it affects our bodies.

Gluten in offspring -- "Scientists can compare the proteins found in wheat hybrids created from two parent strains.  Gluten, one of the proteins in wheat, undergoes the greatest change.  One experiment found fourteen new gluten proteins in the offspring that were not found in parent wheat plants.  When compared with wheat strains that are centuries old, modern wheat has many more gluten proteins, which are associated with today's gluten sensitivities, such as celiac disease."


Wheat fed disease such as digestive problems, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, PMS, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, infertility, miscarriages, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, depression, autism, hyperactivity, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, weight gain, sleep disturbances, nutritional deficiencies, and tooth decay are explored and explained as well as why you should consider a wheat free diet.


I've known for awhile that modern wheat is inferior in many aspects.  What I didn't know was all the research backing up a wheat free diet.  In fact, over 15% of this ebook is made up of supporting informational sources.

"We're not here to tell you that giving up wheat will be the panacea for all your woes.  Yes, wheat has been linked to more diseases than we have time or space to write about here.  Yes, we believe everyone could benefit from a wheat-free diet.  But, we also know that a nutrient-dense diet, free of other common highly-inflammatory foods, is also necessary for optimal health."


This faith based book is perfect for those who are convinced wheat is healthy and harmless or are experiencing gluten sensitivities, allergies or autoimmune disease.  It has also furthered and strengthen my own resolve to go wheat free in favor of a healthier lifestyle!


Guess what we are doing after the first of the year?


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Weeding out the Wheat



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  1. I was amazed at how different our modern wheat is now too, and just how significantly that can affect our health!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the book! How has the wheat-free plunge gone since New Year's? Have you started cutting things from your diet?

    Since we plan to come out with a cookbook soon, let me know if there are any recipes you'd like to see in it. We want the book to really serve our readers.

  3. Hi Luke,
    Well, I'm happy to say I've been mostly wheat free since the beginning of the year. There's a few times I stuck something wheat-filled in my mouth and THEN remembered it was a no-no. I'm feeling good and definitely have more energy and less allergy symptoms!

    I look forward to the recipe book. For now, I just eat my sandwiches wrapped in lettuce ;-)